Frequently Asked Questions About Immigrating To Canada

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If you are considering immigrating to Canada, it is imperative to increase your knowledge about Canadian immigration process and prepare yourself in advance. However, while trying to find out more information, you may have a ton of questions about the application process, legal fees, documents needed and services offered by an immigration firm. Sometimes, finding answers to these questions may be strenuously difficult. 

To clear all your doubts and arm you with the most accurate information, Midwest Immigration Services Inc. has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about immigrating to Canada. 

1. How does the immigration process work?
Step 1: Assess Your Case

Step 2: Sign the retainer agreement

Step 3: Gather all the required documents

Step 4: Fill and complete the application forms

Step 5: Prepare your application package

Step 6: Submit the application to IRCC

Step 7: Track and monitor the application progress

Step 8: You may have an interview

Step 9: Letter of acceptance or refusal letter

Step 10: Visa issuance or appeal due to visa refusal

2. Who is Midwest Immigration Services? How can we help?
Midwest Immigration Services is a full service licensed Canadian Immigration organization with the Immigration Consultants of Canadian Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Midwest Immigration Services exclusively practices immigration with a vision to help clients cross borders seamlessly.

Midwest Immigration Services was founded by Harpreet Dhanjal, an immigration consultant by ICCRC who had one mission “to help clients immigrate to Canada effortlessly by providing successful and expeditious immigration solutions.”

All our cases are handled by Harpreet and her team of immigration experts in the organization. All the employees are very knowledgeable, competent, trained, and efficient in maximizing outcomes for all visa applications.

3. What is your goal?
Our goal is to make immigration simple by analyzing and solving clients’ needs. We provide customized solutions to all our clients and are extremely result-oriented experts. We know that the Canadian Government has created complicated barriers to enter, and the immigration rules and regulations are becoming more complex. In order to immigrate to Canada, you must present your case properly to an immigration officer who is authorized to make decisions to grant or deny your visa and admission to Canada.

Our primary goal is to assist you in getting that visa in the first attempt and solve your immigration-related problems or concerns. We are here to help you sail through your journey from permanent resident to becoming a Canadian citizen.

4. How much are your legal fees?
Our aim is to make the entire immigration process simple as well as affordable. Having said that, every case is unique. Legal fees are always quoted to you in advance. Immigration cases are charged on a flat-fee basis and not on an hourly rate. This way, you know exactly how much your case will cost with no surprises! We will also outline any additional office disbursement charges as well as applicable government application fees. We believe in being honest and transparent, and make sure that all aspects of your particular case are presented upfront and you are aware of all your options.

5. Why do I need to hire someone to help?
Before applying for immigration to Canada, you should ask yourself a question – will you need an immigration lawyer? You must have heard from your friends and relatives that they were able to get their visa simply by filling the application and paying the government fees. However, you may have also heard of other people getting their visa application refused, which makes it harder for them to obtain status in the future. Therefore, it is very important to seek legal advice for your case to ensure a positive outcome.

6. How do we complete the process while I’m overseas? Can you help people from anywhere in the world?
In the digital era, we are privileged to utilize vivid technologies to see you, speak to you as well make you feel at ease. We will send you detailed instructions along with the eligibility assessment form and can process cases for people from all over the world. This means we can represent you no matter where you presently live. At MIS, our immigration consultants are totally accessible by phone, email, and video conference.

7. What are the current prospects of employment in Canada?
Employers in the Canadian health care, engineering, financial services sectors, construction and skilled trades, machining and heavy equipment operators, automotive and agriculture are recruiting qualified individuals who are lawfully permitted to take up employment in Canada on a temporary or permanent basis. Many of these firms are currently advertising available positions in Canada’s leading newspapers, trade journals, and or through the Internet.

8. How long will it take to process my application?
We can’t tell you exactly how long IRCC will take to process your application. Each application is different and takes a different amount of time to process. We can give you an estimate, based on your application type.

9. Who will I be working with?
Your immigration case will be handled by the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC’s) and their team of experts. We take every case seriously and handle them professionally and promptly. For a clear understanding, we will be assessing your immigration case from the inception by doing a complete assessment of your case and determine the probability of a positive outcome.

After completing the initial assessment of your application, we will provide you with legal advice that will give you options for your immigration case and help you make the most excellent choice. Once you are comfortable with the advice you have received, you can then decide how you would like to carry on with your case. By retaining our services, you choose peace of mind as we complete the process from the beginning to the end and so you can rest assured that a team of skilled professionals will handle your immigration case. 

10. How do I know what you need?
We provide clients with a case-specific document checklist. Before taking you as a client, your MIS consultant will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your case specifically. This involves listening to your situation, understanding your background, history, and objectives. Only after getting a clear idea of your case, we then provide you with a solution that will work. We will tell you whether we can help, what steps must be taken, and at what cost. We have an assessment form, which is the first step to understanding your case.

11. I’ve already made my case submission myself, and now I need help, what do I do?
The first question we ask is your time limit? Often, when you’ve made a submission on your own,  you have a very short time limit to respond to IRCC’s request. If you fail to respond or do not provide the correct documents, then your case may be rejected. We have worked and helped clients deal with those tight deadlines to meet requests from IRCC and have received a positive outcome.

If you have any more questions about immigrating to Canada or how we can help you, reach out to Midwest Immigration Services Inc. We offer our services to those seeking a student visa, tourist or visitor visa, express entree, family sponsorship, provincial nominee program, and citizenship. We service clients across Australia, China, North America (Canada, United States, Mexico), Nepal, Philippines, South East Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam).

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